Next Generation Booking Platform Built on Blockchain

The project aims to create a multi-dimensional booking platform where your hotel bookings will act as tradable tokens that can be primarily used to avail the stay at the hotel, and also provides many of the benefits of a DeFi token, along with the opportunities to trade the token based on speculating a particular hotel’s performance.

P2P Hotel Booking

End user is able to search the hotels in any city for required dates, the system returns available hotels with dynamic prices directly from the hotels, no middle men involved.

Hotel Voucher in Your
Crypto Wallet

The user is able to book a hotel and receive the voucher in their crypto wallet in form of unique ERC tokens. The token provides you the ownership of booked room night at that specific hotel. The token can be exchanged with hotel in return of your stay. Our application will also enable non-crypto users to book with out need of creating wallets or getting into details about blockchain, they can simply book the hotels by paying through various payment methods as usual.

No KYC Required for Bookings

The platform allows a useful feature of making anonymous hotel bookings, a user does not require to provide any KYC document at the time of buying a token. The token may exchange multiple hands before arriving at the actual date of travel where only the end user will require KYC at the time of check in at the hotel.

Secured with Zero Book outs

When a hotel provides its inventory for certain no. of rooms, our smart contract breaks all those room nights into unique ERC-721 tokens. Each token is peg.ged to a room for specific date and there can not be any duplicate tokens possible. This makes your bookings secured till the time you hold a token in your wallet.

DeFi Features

Not sure which hotel to invest in? The platform provides multiple opportunities without a need of going into the details of researching which hotels are best for higher returns. You can participate in Staking or Yield Farming just by providing liquidity tokens and let the smart contracts fetch you the highest return by investing into the best performing hotel tokens.

100% to 500% APY

Any traveler would know its better to book hotels or flights well in advance to avail the best discounted prices. You can book a hotel well in advance at a famous destination and watch the prices go up as the travel date comes closer. The platform will enable users to resell the tokens as prices go up, it will also be connected to all major OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) making sure to avail the best selling price for your token. A short term investor can buy a hotels token for important dates at a very cheap price just 6 months in advance and resell closer to the travel dates when that particular hotel’s price has more than doubled.

Risk Free Investments

The platform also allows free cancellation on hotels certain days prior to check-in which allows the traders to make safe investments and they can get their tokens released back to platform if they do not appreciate in value. This means smart traders will be able to make money without having a risk of losing at all.